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Please help us serve you better by taking two minutes to tell us more about the device you wish to repair. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.
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Hi I'm Anne :-), Whats your name? *

Hi {{answer_53079014}}, I will be your assistant for today and I will help you in collecting a few details regarding your device.

{{answer_53079014}},which device would you like to schedule a request for? *

{{answer_53079014}} , please describe what you need fixed on your {{answer_z53p}} *

{{answer_53079014}}, is your {{answer_z53p}}  under warranty? *

We do not cover repairs under warranty. you will need to approach Apple Service center if it is under warranty
{{answer_53079014}}, what is the model and year of your {{answer_z53p}}?

Example Iphone 6s plus, Macbook pro 2016
{{answer_53079014}}, did you take your {{answer_z53p}} to another service center prior to approaching us? *

{{answer_53079014}}, please enter your {{answer_z53p}}password or screen lock code.

The credentials will be used to test the device after repairing.
{{answer_53079014}}, what mobile number can we contact you on?

So {{answer_53079014}}, where would you like me to arrange your device collection from. Lets get your Flat / Villa number to start with. *

Please enter your Flat or Villa no.
{{answer_53079014}}, may I have your Street name, no or locality name? *

Example: Khalifa City A, street 25...
{{answer_53079014}}, do you have a landmark below your building or in front of your residence. *

A local store name etc.
{{answer_53079014}} , please whats app us your GPS location to the number #050-5361614. It will help us find your location quicker.

I have read all terms and conditions mentioned in the link below *

{{answer_53079014}}, Thank you for taking the time to fill up the form.

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